Why the organisation was started

Owing to the very rapidly raising number of number vulnerable children suffering on streets and some other poor homes of Uganda due loss of their parents, family neglegency, our organization was started to help these marginalized. This was done to help these humble children have a better future too. The started with of 21 children and the organisation is currently taking care of 119 children.


Who we are

We are a registered Non Government Organisation, community based organisation focusing on helping the most vulnurable children in society have better living standards in the society.

What we do

We help the most vulnerable children have a better life.

Where we work

In the different communities of Mityana and especially the families with the most vulnerable children and Uganda at large.


I am so glad to be associated with Love For The Poor. Working with you has taught me how to give and love the most vulnerable children.

I have come to see to living gospel through this organisation. You have brought hope into the hearts of these little vulnerable children.

Help us so we can help others

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