Our Vision

Justice and free society for vulnerable children

They struggle to grow.

Take Action

1 USD a day can help us provide a meal to the innocent children

Let us join hands.

Support Them

They also need to grow like other children

Let us give them a chance.


Thank you Lord for always supporting us in putting a meal on table

A good meal helps them grow.


The needy children need our love

Why Not Take Action Today?

We Educate

They need education for a better future

Let Us Join Hands.

Join Us

Let us always help them have a smile from within

It is a calling for us all.


The shelters are in a very poor conditions.

Let's help them have where to sleep


It is most blessed to give than to recieve
Love For The Poor was started by Katongole Kenston through the mercy and the love of God to help the most vulnerable children (the orphans, street children and the disabled) from the different areas of Uganda.
Amidst a number of challenges as reflected from Low Developed Countries, we have managed to help these little poor angels have hope to the future.

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord. (Proverbs 19:17)
Dear brethren we accept gifts in form of money and non monetory form. Let us help the little vulnerable, let us lend to the Lord. Amen.

We love to help all the most vulnerable children in the world.
This our goal.

In our struggle to achieve our goal, we have helped a number of disadvantaged children and we have given them light to the future.

Children helped

Water wells


Who We Are

Love For The Poor Organisation Uganda (LFTP -UG) is a registered Non Profit organization in Uganda. We were founded to help the most vulnerable children in the different areas of Uganda.
Driven by desire to have a justice free environment for children from poor families and orphaned children, the Organisation was set up.
We support children under our care with basics of life i.e.: Education, scholarstic material, clothes, food,medication, etc.


Events In History

Donating books

We will be donating books to these vulnerable children as a way of supporting them in school this term

Feeding the needy Campaign

In our Campaign to help those who go with empty stomachs, we will meet the community of Kikumbi as way of calling upon them to join us in helping the needy who have nothing to eat.

Donating Sanitary pads

We shall be donating sanitary pads to all the girls vulnerable children in Mityana Town Council.

Our Causes

We are all called to serve each other. 1 Peter 4:10-11

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God.

Poor Feeding

Because of limited food in our communities the vulnerable children end up feeding on jack fruits. These works as their meals(break fast, lunch and supper). This does not only affect the vulnerable children

Widows/ Elderly

Many of the widows in Uganda lose their husbands at an early age therefore most of them get psychologically disturbed. Therefore we as Love For The Poor come in to offer them services like counselling

Healthy/ Poverty

War is not the only thing tearing Uganda apart. In a continent of famines, poverty and civil, Ugandans are struggling in their fight to survive. Ugandan’s health and life expectancy is one of the lowest worldwide.


We have a plan to developed an Agriculture Project where we purchase fertile so we are in need of a land and proceed to plant and harvest crops. Local farmers are employed to work the land and train young men

Fight Covid 19

Our response to corona virus
  • We reach out to the community and educate them about the pendamic of corona virus.
  • We feed the children from poor families that can buy food due to loss of jobs of their parent
  • We encourage the community to follow on going Government guidelines.