Many people in the world are dying because of poor feeding. It is our vision as Love For The Poor Organisation to put an end to this. We call upon people around the world to join us in this call.

Because of limited food in our communities the vulnerable children end up feeding on jack fruits. These works as their meals(break fast, lunch and supper). This does not only affect the vulnerable children but the mature people also who take care of them.

Diseases caused by poor feeding include: diabetes, anemia, rickets.

As shown before that there is limited food in homes of the vulnerable, those who can access food in their homes eat really very little food and of poor diet.

Because of unstable whelther seasons. The poor people grow crops which end up dying in the gardens. More than 60% of the Ugandans can't aford the irrigation. And it is this food which the Ugandans would sell and take care of their children, and the rest would be for them to eat.

Many of the Ugandans who have HIV/AIDS have stopped taking the drugs since they can take some days with out eating a meal.

Therefore we The Love For The Poor organisation come in to solve the problem of poor feeding by providing food to the vulnerable in their communities.