Approximately one million Ugandans have died painful deaths from illness, many of which were easily preventable diseases. This has left an estimated 2.3 million children as orphans.

As seen above it is so painfull that many people in the rural areas can't afford buying shoes for there children. Owing to the factor that most of the roads here are full of dust, many chidren end up having jiggers. So as an Organisation, we step in to buy for them shoes to over the problems associated with children's not putting on shoes.

As shown before that there is limited food in homes of the vulnerable, those who can access food in their homes eat really very little food and of poor diet.

Many people in rural areas are too poor that they can't dig pit Latrines. The latrines they have are so much in poor situation that children can easily fall in and they can also cause very many diseases e.g. typhiod.