We love to help all the most vulnerable children in the world.
This our goal.

In our struggle to achieve our goal, we have helped a number of disadvantaged children and we have given them light to the future.

Water Project

Many people in the rural areas can not access safe clean water. Water is got from very dirty wells from which animals too drink. So it is very easy for people to get water born diseases. Work hand in hand with Love For The Poor Organisation to help the rural communities in Uganda prevent tragic illness and un timely death for generations to come! Help provide clean water!

Christian Home Care Pragram

Through this program Love For The Poor Organisation takes care of the vulnerable from their places of residence by providing them with the basic needs of life. We call upon Christian lay persons volunteer to bring food, material support and encouragement to chronically ill, homebound patients who are too sick to find for themselves. You can help to cover the full operational costs of the program and provide food and resources to both the chronically ill and to the poor volunteers who care for too.


Educate a child today, save them from a life of working in the streets, and give them a future.We are taught one of the most important things in life is to receive an education. Unfortunately, many Ugandan children have never even heard of school. Close to 18 percent of school-aged children are not enrolled in school and the drop-out rate averages 66 percent. Read More